Wednesday, October 2, 2013

[TEXT] The Hotter-than-You Date

Write about two characters who meet at a bar for a date, but one character is disproportionately more attractive than the other, and they know it. What drinks do they order? The not-so-attractive character has a reason for why he/she orders a specific drink. What is it? The bartender tries to help out the not-so-attractive character, but it doesn’t help much. The attractive character chugs his/her drink in an effort to end things early, but the not-so-attractive character says something that the attractive character loves and wants to continue talking about. Does the not-so-attractive character continue the conversation and use it to keep the date going? Or does the not-so-attractive character misread the situation, pays for the drinks, and leaves?

At the end, both characters are gone and the bartender cleans up their drinks. What does he say to himself?

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