Wednesday, December 26, 2012

From a distance

Today, have a character receive a letter from themselves. Having thought themselves exceedingly clever, the past version of this character meticulously detailed everything that would have to happen to achieve some far-flung dream.

Naturally though, the present version of this character has done none of these things, and instead, let life take them where it chooses.

Does the arrival of such a letter prompt a change in the character's behavior/course of action? What sort of goal might the character in the past had? Is there any reason why they might start chasing dreams from years ago just at the push of a letter's will?

We'll see if anyone submits anything for the bestof contest, if not, then I'll just dole them out to whomever I can find, though I've got a few people in mind. In the meantime, enjoy!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jetlag corporation

A sign that advertises "Your home for all of your time-adjustment needs." A group of travelers, seemingly hailing from otherworldly places. Perpetually happy yet strained staff, scurrying about.

These are but many things that may accent a business that seeks to fulfill the needs of those attempting to adjust to different time cycles. As finding a world that is similar in every way to Earth is rather unlikely, what sorts of people might find their way into such a place? How do they cope with living in different time cycles? How common are such places?

Though my ideas are a bit jumbled, hopefully you all can make something of it!

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The new world

In honor of all those tearing themselves and their lives apart over the supposed predictions of a long-dead society.

Though I'm being facetious, it did inspire me, in a way. Hearing reports of those that ended up offing themselves because they believed that the end of the world would arrive, or likely others that holed themselves up in their houses, stockpiling food and water in order to fend off...whatever it was that would end the world.

For us, life continues on as normal.

But for them, the world did end. At least, as how they chose to perceive it.

Write a story about someone who has to cope with readjusting back into society, following their belief that the world would end on the 21st. Why did they believe it in the first place? What sort of measures did they take in order to protect themselves and withdraw? Are they able to function normally?

Have fun!

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/r/promptoftheday: best of 2012, and the year in review

It's been a curious year with you all. With the founding moderators having stopped their submissions sometime in January of last year, I started submitting prompts sometime in February, eventually gaining control of the subreddit sometime in May/June. Then I myself stopped submitting regularly once I left for China, and I'm well aware that I need to get my brain back into actively writing again.

But you're all still here, more or less. I regularly receive stories in my inbox from people digging through old posts, and I do read through all of them, even if I don't comment on them. We've got an interesting relationship here, believe me, but I'll stick around, if you all will.

With that being said, this year, the collective reddit admins have decided to give us various moderators the ability to give reddit gold for various winners in categories we decide on; decentralization is the way of the future, apparently.

And so, here are your categories:

  1. Best prompt submitted in the past year (from someone other than myself)

  2. Best response to a prompt this year

Aside from it being a way to get the community involved, for us personally, it's a way for others to look back and discover old posts, and "hidden gems" in the subreddit, stories others might have otherwise overlooked.

Leave your nominations in the comments below, and I'll be handing out the awards (a month of reddit gold to each of the winners) sometime next week!

Oh, and prompt forthcoming, too.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

In excess

Having successfully moved myself from middle China to Shanghai for a few days, hopefully I'll be able to put out another prompt or two while I'm here.

Today, imagine story of a someone who, after every day of work, goes up to the bar in their office building, before heading underground, back to their company-funded apartments, without ever heading outside. Much like a more extreme version of the shut-in, except the working woman/man lives and exists simply in their own environment.

What sort of mindset would get ingrained into someone after spending far too long in such a place? Stockholm syndrome?


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